Obligatory Newbie Post (X-posted)

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Heyla! I'm Sora, a twenty-year-old girl in Seattle looking in to moving across the big blue Atlantic to London for a year or more. Basically, I'm joining up to the community with the hopes that I can beg, plead, pester, and even ask for any sort of advice or information that might be able to be had to assist me with this journey. I'm not looking to depart for six months or more, as I suspect getting the finances and the paperwork in order will take at least that long, but it's best to start early, is it not?

Any random information would be deeply appreciated as well, but mainly what I'm looking for at the moment is the process of acquiring entry clearance and the such. I know I'll end up needing employment and all that; although being independantly wealthy and able to joblessly support myself would be nice, I doubt it'll happen. The website for the consulate is a bit confusing in this regard and they haven't replied to my email, so my next steps are contacting people whom I can hope are in the know and then dropping in to the local consulate (which sadly doesn't do visas) and hoping they can help me further. (This would be part one of those next steps -- begging for help!)

Anyway, this is probably a bit overlong for a first post, so I'll sign this off now. Thanks much for your time in reading it, and in advance for any assistance you could render!
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I don't know how often anybody checks this, but *ANY* help at all would be much appreciated. I'm 18 years old and I'll be done with college in less than two years. I would like to move to England as soon as I am done.

Where do I get started...What do I need to do to plan this out?? I have no clue.

Thanks :)


My name's Megan and I currently live in Canada, and I was born and partially raised in England and am looking into moving back. I've set up this community to post problems, questions and general comments and ideas about moving (back in my case) to another country. I myself have no problems with visas or the such as I have my British citizenship, but I could use advice on steps to take to re-locate.

That's all.

Please, if you're in a similar situation, please feel free to join the community and post your ideas or qualms. :)