Ellen Munro (moosiebaby89) wrote in movers,
Ellen Munro


My name's Ellen. I'm planning on heading to London in 2008 on a working holiday. I've never been before but I'm currently obsessed with the place! 

I've found a few programs that set you up with live-in bar jobs and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried one of these and if it would be a good way to experience London life? 

I'm thinking of going for a full 12 months. I'm a bit concerned that I may get over there and hate it, or that may be too long to be away from my family etc. But if I'm going on a Working Holiday Visa I really want to make the most of the time I can spend there. Has anyone gone to London on a working visa before?

I'm really interested in the nightlife and the clubs. It seems so different to the dull town I live in and I love the music scene over there. Is it a safe place to go out? I know that in Australia (even though it's not paticularly bad) there's always a fear of being a single female going out alone due to drink spiking etc.

Your experiences and opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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