Arwen (arwen_to_be) wrote in movers,

Relocation question

Living in Scotland at the moment and considering relocation to England. I have tried to find some sort of comparison site through Google with little success: they’re either too local and too general or to statistical and don’t provide for overall picture.


Reasons for relocation: the major one is a luck of job opportunities for professionals in my industry (PR and non-banking marketing jobs).


Scotland is beautiful, but has a very narrow industry specification and hence therefore little choice of jobs in Marketing and PR. My ideal place would be working in Edinburgh – comfortable with population, commuting, people etc but unfortunately I am not good enough for them. But good enough for English employees.


What areas of England are good for living?


Please consider the following factors:


  • Property prices (first rent then buy)
  • Friendliness of the community
  • Safety
  • Good living (average salary rates vs expenses)
  • Easy commuting within and closeness to the airport(s)



Preferences: living in a smaller place, in a country house and commuting to a bigger city/town.

Not desired: London area. I do not consider London ideal location – first, I left a large city with its millions and hectic and don’t really want to go to another one that is such a busy, expensive, even though great and dynamic place… Unless there’re good areas around it that meet my criteria).


Help is much appreciated.


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