Karen (ivegot_theruns) wrote in movers,

I am selling a First Class Eurail Flexipass on Ebay.

Eurail Flexipass The Eurail Flexipass offers different/more flexible pass durations to the standard Eurail pass. The Eurail Flexipass is the ideal Rail Pass for those travelers wishing to spend longer in any of the 17 Eurail pass countries. With the Eurail Flexipass you still get the same level of freedom to explore destinations in any of these countries:
Eurail Countries

* Austria

* Benelux *

* Denmark

* Finland

* France

* Germany

* Greece

* Hungary

* Italy

* Norway

* Portugal

* Rep. Ireland

* Spain

* Sweden

* Switzerland

* Benelux consists of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

The difference with the Eurail Flexipass is that it gives you the option to spread you travel times out over a longer period. The Eurail Flexipass doesn't expire a certain number of days after you validate it, instead it expires when you have used up the maximum number of days. If you intend to stay for longer periods in some of your selected countries you can arrange your travel dates more easily with this 15 days unlimited travel over two months.

This voucher is valid for a complimentary First-Class Eurail Flexipass valid for 15 days within two months. The complimentary pass is not valid for residents of Europe, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia. This voucher is valid until December 15, 2005. This voucher is worth $914.

It's pretty cool and I would love to use it, but I don't have the money or time to travel this year. If you're interested, here is a link to the auction:



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