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So here's the deal. I'm thinking about moving to England. Not anytime too soon, but maybe in a year or so. However, I have one big factor stacked against me... I'm *gasp!* American. From everything I've heard so far, non EU passport holders have about zero chance of finding any sort of decent employment, right?

I'm 28 years old. I have two bachelors degrees (in psychology and sociology.) For the last year, I've been teaching ESL for a school in Japan. I'm satisfied with my job here. But... my boyfriend is a British citizen. He'd like to come to Japan as well, but is currently finishing his degree. It looks like it may be quite a while before he's done, and, well, the whole long-distance thing sucks. We've been doing it for two years now, and I'd like to join him one way or another before we are both old and gray.

I've had other jobs in the past. Mostly retail, but I have management experience, and I also worked for the psychiatry department of a hospital while I was in college/uni. I enjoy teaching, but I don't have an actual teaching degree. My uni degrees are in other fields.

I'm at the point in my life where working retail and making minimum wage isn't an option anymore. Is there any chance in hell I could find decent employment in the England? Or should I just bite the bullet and get married? ha ha ha. That would make it easier, right? ;)

Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks!
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Immigration from Norway to the UK

Apologies if you see this more than once, it's been cross-posted in a few places.

I live on the south coast of the UK and my long-term partner lives in Norway. He is planning to move here this Spring/Summer and I'm doing a bit of research on his behalf on how we go about the immigration process. Information about immigrating from an EEC (Norway is not part of the EU) country to the UK is surprisingly hard to find, and anything I have found has been hideously difficult to decipher. I'm wondering if anyone around here might be able to give me some basic information about how to get started?

He owns his house in Norway, and is currently renovating it so that he can lease it out to bring in some extra income once he's here. He also has two Norwegian Forest Cats who will be moving with him.

Here's what I've figured out so far:

- I think the cats will need rabies jabs, which means they have to stay in Norway for six months. This strikes me as a bit silly seeing as Norway has been rabies-free longer than the UK. I thought there was some sort of leeway for transport of animals within Europe... if anyone can shed some light on this, that would be great.

- As far as I can tell, his Norwegian driving license is good for driving anywhere in Europe so he won't need to retake his driving test.

- As far as the actual immigration goes, most sources seem to say that as he is a citizen of an EEC country he doesn't need a visa or anything like that, he can just turn up, and then after five years he can apply for some sort of permanency thing. This was all a bit hard to understand.

Does anyone around here have experience of immigrating to the UK from an EEC-but-not-EU country? If so your input, advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated! :o)

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My name's Ellen. I'm planning on heading to London in 2008 on a working holiday. I've never been before but I'm currently obsessed with the place! 

I've found a few programs that set you up with live-in bar jobs and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried one of these and if it would be a good way to experience London life? 

I'm thinking of going for a full 12 months. I'm a bit concerned that I may get over there and hate it, or that may be too long to be away from my family etc. But if I'm going on a Working Holiday Visa I really want to make the most of the time I can spend there. Has anyone gone to London on a working visa before?

I'm really interested in the nightlife and the clubs. It seems so different to the dull town I live in and I love the music scene over there. Is it a safe place to go out? I know that in Australia (even though it's not paticularly bad) there's always a fear of being a single female going out alone due to drink spiking etc.

Your experiences and opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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Relocation question

Living in Scotland at the moment and considering relocation to England. I have tried to find some sort of comparison site through Google with little success: they’re either too local and too general or to statistical and don’t provide for overall picture.


Reasons for relocation: the major one is a luck of job opportunities for professionals in my industry (PR and non-banking marketing jobs).


Scotland is beautiful, but has a very narrow industry specification and hence therefore little choice of jobs in Marketing and PR. My ideal place would be working in Edinburgh – comfortable with population, commuting, people etc but unfortunately I am not good enough for them. But good enough for English employees.


What areas of England are good for living?


Please consider the following factors:


  • Property prices (first rent then buy)
  • Friendliness of the community
  • Safety
  • Good living (average salary rates vs expenses)
  • Easy commuting within and closeness to the airport(s)



Preferences: living in a smaller place, in a country house and commuting to a bigger city/town.

Not desired: London area. I do not consider London ideal location – first, I left a large city with its millions and hectic and don’t really want to go to another one that is such a busy, expensive, even though great and dynamic place… Unless there’re good areas around it that meet my criteria).


Help is much appreciated.


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What top bring along, what to ship?

Hello there,

So, on the 28th of this month I will be stepping on a plane in Oulu, FInland, and later that day i will be stepping out of a (different) plane in Dublin, Ireland. I will be srtaying there for QUITE a while - as in, at least a few years. (yay for jobs with great prospects!)

Now, my lovely company compensates for both extra luggage fees and shipping, and I intend to take adbvantage of this and take along my own things instead of going for the shopping-once-there route.

So, this is my question: What do you think I should a) bring along when I initially travel and b) have my dear mother ship me in a month or so?

Also, any and all suggestions on what I SHOULD bring along in general are appreciated.

tia :)

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hello there! my name is Mike. I'm russian. I am looking for an opportunity to go to Uk and to have a work for summer in one of your hotels. For summer '07. I have a work experience in this field. I worked in one Marriot hotel as telephone operator and business administrator. And as bellboy in some other hotels. I have few questions
-how do think is it possible?
-what should i do?
-do i need a special permission for get a work?
i will search for this job, sending my curriculum vitae to hotels, which i find in Internet
thnx in advance
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Is there any point for the person going to Britain (more than 6 months) to get international driving licence at home or is it more practical to go for it in Briatin considering all the difference of right and left-side driving? Would this driving licence be valid in UK and if yes, what are the on what terms/if not will I have to re-pass it? How much is it to get driving licence in UK and what's the system for it?

Any useful links and all the answers are really appreciated.

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A burning question

Hello, everyone!

Anyone can help with monetary advice on how to get funding (or if any one can help) for UK study if I'm not
- EU
- Afro-American
- Indian
- Pakistan
- Chinese

and can give advice on how can the Russian and be counted in and get the priviliges all the mentioned above people can get, I would really appreciate it.

Looking to move to the UK...

Hi all!

I'm an American, my wife is British and we're looking to move to the U.K. next year, hopefully around the Manchester/North West area. I'm trying to get an idea about prices, cost of living, what kind of salary I could expect (I work in I.T... I'm a UNIX Systems Administrator). I already can have rights of residency, so getting work shouldn't be a problem. Is it OK to ask a prospective employer to pay moving costs? I just don't know where to begin and I'm very bewildered. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them!